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Imagine a different kind of land development company, one run by art lovers. How can you stop at just one public art display? And why stop there when you can create a project that is a piece of art and even has great collection throughout the space? Welcome to the story of Artists’ Alley, where art and life intertwine to create a vibrant living space in downtown Toronto.

Artists’ Alley is a revolutionary vision that’s being built in the heart of Toronto’s art district. Although the name is used to refer to the entire condo project, it actually applies to a huge concourse that will run from Simcoe Street to St. Patrick Street. This wide public space will be lined with shops, cafes and art.

Artist’s Alley gives Mark Mandelbaum, the Chairman of Lanterra Developments and Barry Fenton, President and CEO of Lanterra Developments, a chance to combine their jobs—building condos— with their mutual passion for art. Both are avid collectors who see Artists’ Alley as an opportunity to introduce serious and valuable art to their condo project.

Artists’ Alley is a rare condo development that is being built around the art. Since the art is being used to enhance the livability of the condo, it only made sense to choose before the condo design was finished.

The quest to find the perfect art for Artist Alley recently took Barry Fenton, Mark Mandelbaum, and Alessandro Munge, of Studio Munge, to the world class art scene in New York City. There, they visited the Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses and gallery-hopped along 10th and 24th, the centre of the Chelsea art scene. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Whitney Museum were also visited to check out the city’s current art scene.

They also flew to the U.K. to visit London. There, the Tate Museum, the walking Opie video in Carnaby on Broadwick Street, and many of the leading galleries on Bond Street were visited. The trio had a chance to tour Central St. Giles, one of the architectural inspirations for Artists’ Alley.’

With their expansive knowledge, personal collections, and mutual love of modern art, Mark and Barry already had an idea of what to look for. The chosen artists are well known, with iconic work that is instantly recognized. Their work also holds and increases its value while offering wide appeal. After all, you want mesmerizing art on the walls that homeowners will appreciate for years to come.

The art displayed at Artists’ Alley will do more than just inspire residents as they go about their days. Each piece of art enhances the living experience and provides enduring value. As time goes by, the pieces are expected to increase in value. And you can’t put a price tag on the lift that an enchanting piece of art can add to your busy day.
Stay tuned for our next blog post to catch a glimpse of Artists’ Alley’s exciting collection of artwork!

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