Art inspired design

Located between Simcoe and St. Patrick Streets, a stone’s throw from downtown’s famed art corridor, a new sculptural landmark is set to rise. A condominium inspired by art and infused with design. A canvas to express your zest for living.

Introducing Artists’ Alley, a master-planned mixed-use community with residential, office and retail, distinguished by Toronto’s newest “alley” – a winding pathway that connects Simcoe with St. Patrick, a bustling promenade lined with shops, cafes and inspiring art, a place to meet, greet and socialize, a place to see and be seen.

Landscape Plan

As an anchor to the community and a shining beacon for the area, the first 39-storey residential tower soars into the sky, a vision of shimmering vertical spandrel bands. The second 36-storey tower will have retail in the podium, while the third 17-storey tower presents a glistening facade of glass and cantilevered balconies and terraces. Original, creative, youthful, connected, vibrant. This is the most exciting arts community downtown has ever seen.

West Wing Lobby

Residents and visitors’ initial impression of Artists’ Alley is akin to walking into a contemporary art gallery. A sleek and sophisticated Lobby Lounge has a curved wall as a focal feature, while visually thought-provoking artworks accent the gallery experience. A cool blue and grey colour palette complements the gleaming stone floor and custom leather seating. The overall effect is one of calm, understated elegance, a quiet sophistication that mirrors the artistic ambience of the community. The artworks themselves vary from contemporary to abstract, providing an eclectic design vocabulary to make a distinct statement of class and originality. It’s more than a welcome, it’s as though you’re being ushered into a new artistic dimension.

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